Dear all,

In the process of  comprehensive and intensive studies  in the field of education-to-employment Inter Gogo Vietnam JSC (hereinafter refered to as Intergogo) undertakes investments in applying results of research in order to make a complete combination of  research and application, study and practice. Each of Intergogo’s studies is also an investment and vice versa each of our investments is an opportunity of experiencing such a study in practice.

Focus of Intergogo action is well positioned on developing the potential of all and each members in the ecosystem. You can be a person or an organization, a member of  our staff or a customer, a partners regardless, Intergogo would like to go along with you side by side on the journey to maximize the working efficiency of all and each of us.

The most important object in researches conducted by Intergogo is in fact Intergogo itself. In the process of setting up and developing Intergogo commits to try our best persistently to  discover our core values and core competencies in order to establish a solid base for the ecosystem of Intergogo as well as to go in fine tune with different systems in which Intergogo is a member.

Core values and core competencies in every individual or organization considered part of the “ego” of such a subject always do exists naturally deep inside but discovering, nurturing and especially going in fine tune with those of  the society as a whole require an arduous process of persitently outstanding efforts of all and each. It is a great hope of Intergogo that on such a journey of efforts together we can write a stoty of shared values uniting our community and on ther hand each of us can position and develop our own “ego” so that there is me in US and there are US in me

Here under is the story about vision of development goals of Intergogo:

Phase 1. Developing Overseas Study Support (www.hotroduhoc.vn)

Intergogo decides to start the process of researching and applying results of researches in the market of services for overseas study  in advanced nations with the aim at making a link between national and international markets so as to learn about trends of the trade and look for some models compatible with the practice in Vietnam

Intergogo invests to build www.hotroduhoc.vn and set up a community in terms of overseas study in advanced nations in which Canada , currently the ideal destinations in the point of views from Asia, is the first target market. Based on the results from a model market like Canada, Intergogo goes on to develop overseas study markets in other advanced nations such as Japan, Autraliam United States, United Kingdom…Hence, beneficiaries of this movement are not only students in Vietnam but also those from other Asian nations such as Japan or ASEAN.

In terms of research, Intergogo embarks on a number of thesises in the field of education-to-employment in order to position Intergogo itself as well as other concerned partners in the chain value of education-to-employment, including but not limited to employers, employees, education providers and supportive service providers.

Expected results in this starting phase are products and services supporting overseas students departing from Vietnam, in which focus is placed on the products of financing all costs of study and living – payback from part of income when going employed.

Phase 2. Building a database in terms of education-to-employment

Intergogo invests independently and in coordination with partners to develop a database of eduction-to-employment information, a simulation of Jobbank in Canada (Jobbank is an virtual online portal specialized in connecting members of the value chain of education-to-employment in Canada with data such as: what the job market in need of, detailed job description, categories of jobs, salary, place of working with specific name of state and company; qualifications required; respectively relevant education providers, training programs, tuition fees, length of courses, course application requirements, supports if any…)

Such a database is a precondition and competitive advantage of Intergogo when coming to partnership with entities both nationwide and trans-nationwide on equal terms of goal and scale.

Two following groups most benefited from this database: one is that of high-tech manpower with outstanding capabilities of producing values added, two is that of rural manpower, the biggest part of total manpower in Vietnam.

Expected results in this phase are the expansion both in width and depth of products and services that Intergogo has done research and pilot application previously.

Phase 3. Trans-indutries investment

Intergogo plans to make movements of basic elements connected and consolidated: knowledge movement when students as well as employees go studying; manpowermovement when people go applying for a job and working; investment movement among entities and among industries, nationwide and worldwide.

In terms of research, Intergogo plans to place the focus on the relationship between members  and  the related ecosystem so as to discover the rule of balance for the system in question in the time of big-data.

Expected results in this phase are the maximization of resource consumption efficiency of Intergogo as well as that of other members in the eco system of Intergogo and that of other system in which Intergogo is a member.

Intergogo begins from Phase 1. Developing Overseas Study Support (www.hotroduhoc.vn)  Nevertheless, as for other phases the beginning  can be not completely depent on the success or failure of previous phases. In fact, those phases as decribed above will promptly come to a point of  paralled development  in one category or in different categories regardless.

Success of the above-mentioned vision of development orientationof Intergogo is essentially depent on the volume of the community  with which core values that Intergogo is committed loyalty to are  in fine tune with. Hence, provided the framework of privacy policy and laws in force, Intergogoalways tries our best to update our database of customers and partners  so that concerned communities are well conditioned to make assessment of and give advice for activities and orientation of Intergogo.

It is really a honest  belief  of  Intergogo that  you are willing to give us favorable support and agree to go along with us together on the journey for a community better and better

Best regards,


Note: Intergogo uses the English word “ big-data” because such a word is used popuparly  and its meaning in Vietnamese may not cover all of its meaning in reality.